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  • This unique low viscosity lubricant is blended with a combination of highest quality synthetic ester and chemical based cleaner to prevent and protect from rust, corrosive damage, dings, scratches, wear & tear. Perfect for ALL handguns and rifles!
  • Or simply… it lubricates and cleans dirt, corrosive & hardened residue while also preventing rust by creating a “shield of armor” on all your gun’s vital parts!
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Trusted By U.S. Military – Rated #1 Gun Oil & Cleaner In The World!

Synthesized with proprietary n-Element nano additive system which creates bonds and plates below the apparent surface, filling voids and reducing friction, while providing high temp resistance – meaning it lubricates all moving parts. No jamming, no misfire!
This unique low viscosity lubricant is blended with a combination of highest quality synthetic ester and a chemical based cleaner to prevent rust and protects from corrosive damage, dings, scratches, wear & tear.
Cleans dirt to make your guns shine like new and removes stuck on hardened residue even after years of abuse to prevent misfires, jamming and potentially explosive damage!
Long lasting so you can go longer in-between cleanings
It’s concentrated so only a dab will do. A little bit goes a long way, no need to drown your gun in slime like with other gun oil brands. This also means a smaller bottle so it’s lighter and easier to carry in your bugout bag.
Even works on all types of knives to prevent rust and remove blood from wild game. Why not, right? Every smart hunter, survivalist and soldier carries a sharp, clean, dependable blade on them at all times. So should you!
Superior corrosion and oxidation protection exceeding RPVOT (Rotating Pressure Vessel Oxidation Test) test of 4,000 hrs.
Repels carbon buildup so your ammo fires on command and hits your target dead on.
Multi-Purpose and all-in-one perfect for handguns, rifles, shotguns, air guns…ALL types of firearms!
There’s no expiration date so it’s perfect to stock-up right now and have it available for years to come.
Doesn’t gum up or build up, no sticky residue.
Rated #1 by US Marines and Military Officers.
Protection even in extremely low temperature weather with a pour point excess of -65 ° F – nobody wants their gun to jam from cold weather during hunting season!
Made in the U.S.A. where it should be!

That’s a LOT of benefits from a single brand of concentrated gun oil & cleaner!


What Others Had To Say About Their New FREE Gun Oil & Cleaner!

Ruby R. Fox

12 February 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

I thought all gun oil was the same. I didn't realize what a huge difference your gun oil would have on my hunting rifles. They're getting old but shine like new!

Edward S. Kim

21 April 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

My shotgun has been jamming ever since I let my friend take it apart and clean it for me. Really sucks during turkey season. But after using your gun oil its finally smooth

Lonnie A. Riehl

05 March 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

I didn't realize a dirty gun could be so dangerous until I saw your "dirty exploading guns" video. I'd hate to lose a finger or worse. Now I clean mine religously.

Lida D. Rivet

24 May 2017
Color: Black     Style:Active

This stuff is awesome! I don't know why you folks are givin it away for free but I'm not complaining! A big thanks comin your way!


Why Is This Gun Oil & Cleaner Better Than
Any Other?

A trusted friend I’ve known since childhood is now a high ranking officer in the U.S. Marines.

Even when we were kids he was a gun fanatic.

Always excited over the next best thing to come out, every birthday he always wanted a new type of gun for target practice or hunting.

Now he’s the U.S. Marines’ #1 Weapons Training Officer.

(Honestly, none of us were surprised at his promotion)

To put it bluntly, he’s the best-of-the-best at using & firing all types of military grade firearms while hitting his target with precision every single time.

Whenever he comes home for the holidays to visit friends and family, we always take a few moments to clean my personal guns just for fun while reminiscing about old times…(cracking open a cold-one shortly after, of course)

But this time, when he saw the type of gun oil I was using, he laughed and jokingly said:

“This Must Be Amateur Hour…The Gun Oil You’re Using Is For Pellet Guns!”

“But this is the type of gun oil the guy at my local gun store recommended.” I replied.

He laughed and said: “Well, don’t get me wrong. Your expensive, over priced civilian grade gun oil ‘works’. But do you really want to pay top dollar for low grade gun oil that ‘just works’? Why not use the best all-in-one gun oil and cleaner in the world? The same kind our U.S. Marines trust with their lives while in the field…and pay less at the same time?”

How could I argue with that logic?

It just makes sense, right?

That’s when my friend pulled out his “secret weapon” for lubricating and cleaning all their military grade handguns, rifles, and even knives!

“BEHOLD…The Best Gun Oil & Cleaner In The World!”

He continued to say: “All joking aside, this really is the best you can get and it’s surprisingly cheaper too. I’ll even show you where you can get it in bulk.”

The Military isn’t one for coming up with creative “catchy” slogans or product names for the general public.

So this amazing best-of-the-best gun oil is simply called “Military Grade Gun Oil & Cleaner”.

Why make it confusing or hard to remember, right?

I mean, there’s a reason the U.S. Marines use the phrase “K.I.S.S.” or otherwise said “Keep It Simple, Stupid”.

And now I’m passing this same amazing military grade gun oil & cleaner onto you for FREE!

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